ALTERED NUTRITION was designed and developed for those who have a passion and love for health and supplementation.

It was developed with our consumers in mind, our mission behind the company was to create a pharmaceutical grade product range, manufactured under the best possible standards of accreditation, while still being affordable for our everyday active users and elite athletes.

We have full label disclosure on all our products which enables ALTERED NUTRITION users to see exactly what they are taking and at what dosages. This helps develop an understanding of what products and amounts work best to help you achieve your goals.

The team at ALTERED NUTRITION consists of a group of passionate individuals who are all qualified and excel in their own fields. Our products are designed from the combined skills and talents of our food technician’s, flavour technicians, quality assurance specialists and market research members as well as product procurement and development team. All this makes for a driven supplement powerhouse.

At ALTERED NUTRITION, we pride ourselves in delivering our absolute best for our retailers and consumers, in every stage of the process from the raw ingredients, through to delivery.

Don’t compromise on quality, we don’t.


Meet the team

Dean Wattrus | Director

Dean is co-founder of ALTERED NUTRITION. He saw a fast widening gap in the market where dishonesty about quality supplements was quickly growing. With an extensive background in sports supplements and knowledge of flavouring, Dean was able to bring great tasting, high quality products to the Australian market at a great price.

In addition to being an expert in the supplement world, Dean is an athlete. He doesn’t just talk supplements, he uses them and shows how they help with muscle gain, recovery and much more.