Jason Cutler | Co-Founder

Jason Cutler lives by what he sells. On a constant path of self improvement, he co-founded JD Nutraceuticals because he believes everyone from stay at home mums to the most professional athletes deserve to be able to have access to the highest quality sports supplements. Everyone should be able to have access to what they need to improve themselves.
Jason can be described as humble and honest and will only recommend what he believes will truly help people.

Dean Wattrus | Director

Dean is co-founder of JD Nutraceuticals. He saw a fast widening gap in the market where dishonesty about quality supplements was quickly growing. With an extensive background in sports supplements and knowledge of flavouring, Dean was able to bring great tasting, high quality products to the Australian market at a great price.

In addition to being an expert in the supplement world, Dean is an athlete. He doesn’t just talk supplements, he uses them and shows how they help with muscle gain, recovery and much more.